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Hirable is a platform using GPT technology to allow users to create a professional resume instantly and improve existing resumes, providing AI-powered analytics highlighting essential factors for job seeking.


Hirable is a cutting-edge platform, powered by GPT technology, that offers a seamless and effective approach to creating a winning resume. Its innovative resume writer and analyzer enables users to simply share a few essential details about themselves and the job or role they are seeking, and voila! The platform produces a polished and professional resume in just a matter of seconds.

What sets Hirable apart from other platforms is its user-friendly functionality that allows users to effortlessly switch tones, rewrite content by removing buzzwords, and much more, with just a simple click of a button. As an added bonus, Hirable also features AI-powered analytics that highlight essential factors such as missing keywords, suggestions, and action items to ensure that your resume stands out in today’s competitive job market.

With Hirable, job seekers can not only create an entirely new resume from scratch but also improve their existing resumes by analyzing them and offering actionable insights based on the job and role they are pursuing. Furthermore, the platform makes it easy to match your resume with relevant job offers, thanks to its ability to automatically generate personalized resumes based on specific job descriptions and requirements.

In summary, Hirable is an indispensable tool for job seekers who want to take their job applications to the next level. Its intuitive interface, powerful GPT technology, and AI-powered analytics make it the ultimate solution for anyone looking to improve their resume, effortlessly create new ones, and land their dream job.

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