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Virtuo is an AI-powered browsing tool that offers features such as AI-Powered Tooltips, explainer, summarizer, code explainer, content generator and seamless ChatGPT access. It provides lifetime access with a one-time fee and customizable options.


Virtuo breaks through the walls of traditional browsing and takes web surfing to a new level. This nifty tool is designed to provide users with quick and hassle-free access to ChatGPT, and simplify their workflows and save time. It comes loaded with a host of exciting features that are sure to revolutionize your browsing experience.

One of the key features of Virtuo is its AI-Powered Tooltips. It provides users with instant access to definitions, paraphrase, and content generation based on the site they are browsing. It can even generate tweets based on selected text! This exciting feature enables users to uncover new information and expand their knowledge with ease.

Seamless access to ChatGPT is another winning feature of Virtuo. Users can leap into ChatGPT from any website by using a simple shortcut key. Virtuo’s Explainer feature empowers users to understand any content or topic by leveraging the power of AI. A quick shortcut is all it takes!

Virtuo is not only an AI-powered explanation tool but also an efficient Paraphraser. You can effortlessly rephrase any content with a simple shortcut. Summarize content with ease within seconds with the Summerizer feature. Virtuo helps you to easily understand and explain code with the Code Explainer feature.

The Content Generator is another fantastic feature of Virtuo. It can generate formatted content on any topic that you choose. Additionally, Virtuo allows you to get instant answers to any questions while browsing or reading articles. It’s easily accessible on any website, and the user-friendly command library makes it easy to use.

Virtuo offers lifetime access for a one-time fee, so you don’t have to worry about recurring charges. You can also use your own OpenAI API key, and enjoy lifetime updates. The tool also provides custom prompt, shortcuts, and more which will help you tailor your browsing experience as per your convenience. It’s a must-have app that is soon to be available on Windows, allowing users to access Virtuo from anywhere on their PC. Explore the world of browsing in a more efficient and effortless way with Virtuo.

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