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Shumai is an open-source software that is ultra-fast, network-connected, and compatible with TypeScript and JavaScript. It offers maximum performance and efficiency for software engineers and researchers.


Shumai is a cutting-edge open-source software technology that has taken the software engineering and research industries by storm. It is an ultra-fast, network-connected, differentiable tensor library that is designed to be compatible with TypeScript (and JavaScript) programming languages. This ground-breaking solution has been meticulously crafted using the powerful combination of bun and flashlight, ensuring that it delivers maximum performance and unparalleled functionality for users in all settings. With its advanced capabilities, Shumai is the ideal answer for professionals looking to streamline their workflows and achieve new levels of efficiency and productivity. Whether you’re a software engineer or a researcher, Shumai is the must-have tool that you need in your arsenal to stay one step ahead of the curve.

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