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Fini is an AI chat solution that aids product-led growth firms in keeping customers by providing user-friendly features and feedback learning to inform user retention strategies. It integrates with other platforms, delivers key metrics and provides personalized experiences.


Fini is a cutting-edge AI chat solution designed to assist growth-oriented teams at product-led growth (PLG) firms in understanding why their customers are leaving and how they may be kept. This innovative tool simplifies the process by providing a host of user-friendly features such as tone and character configuration, faultless human routing, and a multifaceted approach that allows for seamless communication across multiple channels. Furthermore, it offers invaluable features like feedback learning that can further strengthen the connection between the user and the product, while also providing key metrics such as retention uplift, revenue/user uplift, activation uplift, and integration time, to ensure that the user is well-informed and able to make informed decisions about user retention strategies.

Fini also supports seamless integration with other popular platforms including Intercom, Slack, and Discord, making it easy for users to leverage its excellent features and tap into its massive potential for generating business intelligence. This state-of-the-art platform has consistently gained the trust of data-driven tech companies all over the world, who rely on its advanced AI algorithms to deliver top-class customer-centric solutions to drive business success. In essence, Fini is the ultimate solution for businesses looking to deliver personalized and targeted experiences to each of their customers while achieving optimal profitability and user retention.

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