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A new tool enables Siri to activate ChatGPT, allowing users to ask questions and receive answers via voice command.


Introducing an innovative tool that facilitates the activation of the widely-acclaimed ChatGPT through the ever-popular Siri, creating a voice-based virtual assistant experience. This tool allows users to harness the power of ChatGPT through simple and straightforward voice commands. Users are prompted to take the first step towards the efficient and intuitive service by simply asking a question, which is then seamlessly transmitted to ChatGPT. Upon processing, the answer is read aloud to the user through Siri, with the option to save it to a new Apple Note. Streamlining the user experience, this tool enables users to set up effortlessly by copying their ChatGPT API key and pasting it into the designated placeholder in the shortcut, thus optimizing convenience and simplicity. Try ChatGPT with Siri to revolutionize your search queries or make your day-to-day tasks more accessible and efficient.

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