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Enzyme is an all-in-one platform for launching web3, with user-friendly features for exploring and deploying pre-built and audited smart contracts, and managing every aspect of them effortlessly. It supports Ethereum and Polygon, allows for contract import and customization, and offers a free trial and two paid plans.


Enzyme is an innovative, all-in-one platform that has revolutionized the way individuals launch in web3. With Enzyme, you can quickly and easily discover, deploy and manage smart contracts without the need for technical knowledge. The user-friendly platform boasts a range of features that make web3 accessible to the masses.

Among the capabilities of this cutting-edge platform is the ability to explore hundreds of pre-built and securely audited smart contracts for virtually any function. These contracts can be deployed instantly with minimal effort, making the process of launching on-chain simpler and more streamlined.

Enzyme also supports Ethereum and Polygon, and enables users to manage every aspect of their smart contracts effortlessly. Public and private shareable dashboards are available, and even imported contracts can be easily managed on the platform.

Users can import contracts to the platform and manage them from there, build and customize no-code sales pages for their digital collectibles, or embed a minting button on their website in seconds. Enzyme offers a free trial to start, with up to two smart contracts deployable or importable, as well as two paid plans with numerous additional features.

So, if you’re interested in exploring the exciting world of web3, Enzyme is the perfect starting point. Join their Discord or reach out to their customer support team at to learn more.

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