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Welltested is a Testing AI Pilot that generates test cases automatically while coding, resulting in better test coverage, fewer bugs, and improved code quality. It supports different architectures and has a simple setup process.


Welltested is an innovative and cutting-edge Testing AI Pilot that has been specifically designed to help developers add and maintain tests while coding, without any delays or significant disruptions to their workflow. This remarkable product has been engineered with an array of advanced features and benefits that offer unparalleled efficiency and ease-of-use. With Welltested, you can experience the confidence that comes with knowing that your code is thoroughly tested, and your applications are stable and reliable.

One of the most significant advantages of using Welltested is its unrivaled efficiency. Unlike traditional testing methodologies, our AI pilot generates test cases automatically as you code – effortlessly covering edge cases and thinking like a human. This results in superior test coverage, fewer bugs, and better overall code quality.

Another standout feature of Welltested is its simple and easy setup process. Developers can integrate our product directly into their codebase without having to shift between IDEs, thereby streamlining the testing process and minimizing disruptions.

Welltested also covers edge cases, generating thoughtful test cases for your code and ensuring better code coverage. Additionally, our product supports all kinds of architectures – such as MVVM, Clean architecture, and state management solutions – making it versatile and suitable for developers across a wide range of projects and coding styles.

With Welltested, testing becomes stress-free as it generates tests automatically as you code. You can quickly mark any class that needs testing with @Welltested annotation and watch as the tests are generated automatically – it’s that simple! We also provide user analytics data to assist developers in making informed decisions.

Our product has a diverse range of use cases, including helping developers deliver stable, well-tested applications to users, generating thoughtful test cases for code in just 10 minutes, and supporting all kinds of architectures and state management solutions. By following our code testability guidelines, you can access early access to Welltested and experience the numerous benefits of using it firsthand.

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