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ChatWithMe is a cost-effective chatbot tool that offers high privacy and personalized chat personalities, with a browser extension and content summarization feature.


ChatWithMe is a revolutionary chatbot tool that lets users indulge in seamless communication with OpenAI without any tedious login formalities. The impeccable feature that sets this platform apart from the conventional chatbots is its cost-effectiveness, which makes it an attractive proposition for budget-oriented customers. Another notable aspect that is bound to catch the user’s fancy is the high level of privacy, thanks to the API token’s local storage on the user’s device and the chat history’s restricted access to the user and OpenAI. ChatWithMe also features a range of personalized chat personalities, enabling users to curate a unique experience, along with the added flexibility of a user-friendly browser extension that ensures quick and easy access to the platform. Additionally, the tool is equipped with a cutting-edge content summarization feature that can efficiently condense lengthy and complex conversations for easy comprehension. The sum of these exceptional features makes ChatWithMe an ideal platform for anyone looking for a seamless and personalized chatbot tool while maintaining high levels of privacy and security.

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