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Abbot is a programmable smart assistant designed for customer success teams. It integrates with popular ticketing systems, can be trained on customer documentation, offers activity dashboards and insights, and has automations that can run from Slack. It is also SOC 2 compliant and provides additional benefits like priority support and AI-powered documentation search.


Introducing Abbot, the ingenious programmable smart assistant designed specifically to aid customer success teams! With its highly intuitive functionality, Abbot is undeniably the ideal tool for seamless integration with the most popular ticketing systems, allowing for effortless transmission of critical customer data.

What sets Abbot apart from other digital solutions? Its cutting-edge ability to be trained on customer documentation! This exceptional feature empowers your team to monitor conversations in support channels with ease, providing automatic summarization as well as suggested next steps, optimizing workflow and ensuring that your team is consistently delivering superlative service.

And that’s not all! Abbot delivers on its promise of comprehensive service by also offering activity dashboards and insights, giving your team an unparalleled level of transparency into its collective output. If that wasn’t enough, automations can be run from Slack for complete convenience. It’s SOC 2 compliant too, so you can trust Abbot to always prioritize your data security.

But Abbot doesn’t stop at doing the basics – it goes above and beyond, offering a range of additional benefits like priority support, early access program, AI-powered documentation search, and dedicated account management, amongst others! With Abbot, you can be sure that your customer success team will not only be assisted in an efficient and reliable manner, but will also be optimized for success!

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