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SWAPP is an AI-powered platform that provides accurate architectural construction documents and BIM models in a fraction of traditional time, resulting in faster project delivery and cost savings for firms.


SWAPP is a remarkable and innovative AI-powered platform that delivers highly accurate and comprehensive architectural construction documents and Building Information Modeling (BIM) models in a fraction of the time it takes traditional methods. This cutting-edge platform utilizes advanced algorithms that significantly reduce project delivery times and manual labor hours, resulting in a remarkable 3x faster project delivery than previous methods. With over 150 completed projects and 75% cost savings, SWAPP is highly effective at boosting the profitability of any firm through its unparalleled abilities to automate the most tedious and time-consuming planning tasks.

By automating these critical planning tasks, SWAPP drastically increases the growth potential of architectural firms, which enables them to manage more projects with an efficient and streamlined work process. Furthermore, implementing SWAPP promotes technological proficiency and advanced BIM practices, elevating the quality and accuracy of models immensely. Automatic updates to the model and associated drawings and details ensure that revisions are seamlessly implemented, saving even more time and costs.

SWAPP’s use cases extend across various architectural activities, including automating the construction documents phase, minimizing overtime hours, and increasing retention rates. In addition, SWAPP significantly elevates technological proficiency by implementing advanced BIM practices to models, which are automatically updated with seamless revisions. With SWAPP, architectural firms can design and deliver great buildings with ease, making it a reliable and trusted solution for all their needs.

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