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This tool offers a wide range of features for watermarking, resizing and renaming images, including bulk watermarking and multiple image adjustments. It also allows for customization of watermark options and has quick image processing through GPU rendering. Developed using modern technology, it is suitable for various use cases.


This free and effortless tool is the ideal solution to all your image processing requirements. Whether you want to watermark, resize, or rename your images, this streamlined tool offers you a wide range of features that enhance both your efficiency and convenience.

Let’s delve into the key attributes of this innovative tool. Firstly, it provides the functionality for bulk watermarking, allowing you to apply watermarks to all your images with ease. Secondly, you have the added benefits of multiple image adjustments, wherein you can resize, rename, and apply effects to multiple images concurrently in just a few clicks. You can also import images easily for fast processing.

Customization is the key with this tool, which allows you to choose from a vast array of watermark options such as watermark image, position, and opacity. This cutting-edge tool’s GPU rendering technique ensures that the image processing is quick and supercharged. Built leveraging modern technology, this tool is developed using WebAssembly and Svelte by Hugo.

Moreover, this tool is a perfect fit for various use cases. You can efficiently watermark a large number of images, bulk resize and rename images for easy organization, apply effects to multiple images simultaneously, and maintain privacy and speed by processing images on-device.

In conclusion, this powerful tool is a must-have for managing and processing your images with ease. It assures your productivity remains uncompromised, while maintaining your privacy. Try it now!

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