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Dreamlife is an AI-powered camera app that enables the user to transform their home by changing decor, furniture, lighting, adding plants and more.


Dreamlife is an exceptional AI-powered camera application that has been designed to transform your house into a mesmerizing abode. It is a revolutionary tool that lets you create the home of your dreams hassle-free and instantly. With this app, taking a snapshot of any room is all it takes to give it a new life and redefine its style. The possibilities are endless, and the options are vast! Whether you want to change the wall decor, switch up the wallpapers, shift the furniture, alter the lighting, add vibrant plants, switch out rugs, or even update the paint on your walls, Dreamlife provides you with an intuitive and user-friendly platform to do so with tremendous ease. So why wait? Transform your home effortlessly and let Dreamlife’s cutting-edge AI technology take the reigns!

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