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Botika is an AI platform for apparel retailers that generates hyper-realistic clothing images on-model to replace traditional photoshoots and improve the shopping experience. Its diverse image generation capabilities make it an ideal tool for optimizing product photos quickly and cost-effectively, and for showcasing inclusive and diverse imagery.


Botika is a highly advanced software platform that employs the power of AI to revolutionize the way online apparel retailers produce and showcase their product photos. With its cutting-edge generative AI technology, Botika can create an infinite variety of hyper-realistic clothing images on-model, thereby eliminating the need for expensive and time-consuming traditional photoshoots. The platform is compatible with all leading ecommerce platforms, enabling seamless integration with online stores. Botika’s diverse image generation capabilities are unparalleled, offering a range of options such as ethnicity, facial expression, hairstyle, and background, making it an ideal tool for apparel retailers seeking to optimize product photos quickly and cost-effectively.

Fashion brands looking to showcase inclusive and diverse imagery will also find Botika particularly useful. This revolutionary platform aims to provide a comprehensive solution to the fashion industry by using synthetic media to create realistic and diverse clothing product images. For ecommerce businesses seeking to minimize the demographic gap and reduce returns, Botika’s advanced features make it the ultimate tool to help boost sales and increase customer satisfaction. With Botika, online apparel retailers can now effortlessly create high-quality images that are guaranteed to captivate any potential buyer, thereby improving the overall shopping experience.

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